Saturday, April 08, 2006

Two beeyard:one in Capruta and one on the balcony

8. April I did visit my bee yard for several hours. In the train going to Capruta I saw floods everywhere. I did feed them and uncapped one frame of honey for each hive. Back home 2 pm. I did take a look to the hive on the balcony. I’m really happy. There are capped brood (as you can see in the pictures) so everything is OK. The bees gather pollen and I was sitting near the hive to see them bringing in communist pollen. No luck for the moment. I’m waiting for high temperatures( 13 C degrees now) and a lot of flowers.

7. April The temperatures drop to3-4 C degrees during night. Keep feeding the colony with sugar syrup.
3. April The temperature is at noon up to 18 C degrees. The girls are OK. I started feed them with 200grms each evening. By the end of this May I’ll be the happy owner of the super strong colony
31 March. Sunny morning but started the rain at 1 PM. A hell of weather
30 March (morning temp: 5 C degrees noon: 15 C) Open the entrance. Too early but the temperatures are to high and I have to open it. Only a few bees go back to old place .I have lost only around 20-25 bees. The queen started laying eggs. Feed the bees 200Gr. of sugar syrup.