Monday, March 12, 2007

The theft ?

Cloudy weather and temperature at noon not exceeded 14 Celsius degrees.
Arrived at beeyard ad I had the first surprise. Somebody opened one hive and pick up some frames and throw away in front of the hive. I suspect that the intruder (or thief) was a beekeeper because he looked in the middle of the hive that make me think that he looked to see the strength of the family or looking to find the queen. I’m not sure it’s only a supposition.
The spring is here as you can see a lot of spring flowers, and the hazel is in boom. I pray God not to freeze.
By the way it’s not the time to stay in weekend to my apiary so I spend the rest of the weekend on Romanian beekeeping forum. I have an argument with guys about small cell size. I have to admit that I learned something. How to estimated the date of acacia bloom. The acacia will bloom when the average temperatures is 1000 Celsius degrees.
I’m waiting the weekend to go to my apiary. I hpoe it will be a good weather.