Friday, April 25, 2008

They call it Spring

Wednesday 23/4.I arrived to my bee yard at 7:45.I took some days off to look after my bees because I did come here 10 weekends and 6 out of 10 it was raining.
Listen to the radio till 10 Am. Looking in the garden to my fruit trees. I have apples, cherry plums. Oh, I love cherries.
11 AM. Start raining for about 2 hours. By 1 PM. I did start working, I assembled 4 hive bodies. About 3 PM. started raining again. I’m happy anyway I did a good job doing hive bodies as you can see in the picture
At 6 PM still raining. The day is over and I did not check my bees. But Tomorrow is another day but tomorrow ….
My neighbor Florin did visited me for Saint George greetings. He left about 9 PM. I had something to eat, and then go to bed. Listen to the radio the news and music. Started reading an interesting subject:" Bee diseases caused by modern beekeeping methods"
Thursday 24/4Wake up 7:30Am, I feel so relaxed. I love hearing the dunghill cock in the morning. I had a cup of coffee. Temperature is 8 Celsius degrees. Cloudy. Listen to the radio.
By 10 AM the clouds ran away and looks that will be a fine day. I’m happy. By 11 o’clock start working my bees. I’m really happy looks OK to me. I do hope to harvest some acacia honey. By 1:30 PM I finished the inspection. I put a little film. It’s in BUZZ language. I’ll translate in English for you in case you don’t know this language. "We are OK. Waiting for acacia flow to gather this delicious nectar for you"

I left the beeyard by 7 PM. I had to come home because a a cousin twice removed had a cerebral attack.
Those were the day me friend and I think they never end" or somethink like thi if you do remember the old song.