Friday, February 24, 2006

2006, February 22

Local weather:6 Celsius degrees(42 F) sunny day .After 4 weeks of cold weather(lower temperature -16 C (3 F) I can visit my bees. For 3 days I try to visit my bees,but every time something happened so I have to postpone my visit but.... today I can visit my bees.
In the train on the way to my beeyard I I was asking myself how the situation will be.
16 PM I arrived on beeyard.
16:15 PM checked the first hive and I found:Disaster. The colony dead.Oh, my God! A good start.! A fugitive look did not tell me what was wrong. Anyway they had plenty of food and no sign of diarrhoea. I’ll check next time. I wonder what could be? You can see my face looking to the the hive.(click here)
Except of one weak colony (in my opinion) ALL THE COLONIES ARE OK. I have to make plans for coming season. For sure I’ll try to double my colonies.Well,I’ll try this year Roger Delon’s Alpin hive..
It’s still winter here(as you can see) so I have to wait.The spring will start here in 20 of March spring equinox.
Till then I wish you planty of flowers for your bees.

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