Monday, March 13, 2006

Somebody stolen the spring

Saturday I did visit my bees. It’s 11 of march- the calendar says that’s spring time- but the weather is cold and on the hill you can see snow. The temperature is 4 degrees Celsius but feel like 0 degrees and the wind blow at 28 kmph in blast. I start thinking that the weather is changing I mean the climate. Years ago (when I was child and even 10 or 11 years ago) at this time we had a clear seasons I mean the spring was spring and the winter was winter. Now we have mild winter in February with sunny days and the temperatures up to 12-15 C degrees in February and snow and cold in April. And a lot of floods
I intend to check and change (or clean) the floorboard. No chance. The wind was blowing and decided to postpone this till next week. The only things I made were to open one hive take a quick look and give up. Few days ago I was thinking to my bees and ask myself what the bees dream in long cold nights of the winter? Do they dream to flowers on the field or on the hill? I’m sure they do.
Being a householder I started to work in the garden. I planted a walnut. I love to eat toasted walnut with honey. They are delicious. You can eat toasted walnut and drink wine.

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