Sunday, August 26, 2007

Come Back

Hi All,
It’s about 6 month I did not write in my blog not because I haven’t subjects but because I was to busy with my work. I spend only few hours on the weekends with my bees. Because I did not work my bees I had 3 colonies that swarmed.

Now my apiary looks like in this picture I did not do experience with my bees but I did try a kind of hive used by C.L. Farrar, as far as I know. In the next days I’ll show you my 18 cm hive.
What worried is the weather. My opinion is that the climate is changing.
See you soon!


Ngaio said...

Nice to see you back George !!
It is the beginnings of Spring here in New Zealand and the bees are all out foraging.I must keep an eye out for swarming ! I agree with you, the climate is changing, winter here was mild and alot wetter the usual.

julechen said...

Hi George.

Your blog is VERY interesting. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about beekeeping before spring next year. Looks like I have LOTS to learn and years to try and practise it!

I live just out of Vienna and I was wondering if you could recommend what kind of beehive I should buy. I have absolutely NO idea about anything. Except that the gear costs alot more here than in the United States. Ridiculously expensive I think. Typical for Austria!

By the way, my piano professor in New Zealand came from Rumania close to the Hungarian border, Tamas Vesmas.

George said...

Hi julechen,
Glad you did visit my blog.Can I have you email?
See you soon