Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have problems with the computer. It’s an old one so … this is why I can’t publish something or to answer to my email. After 5-7 minutes I start it this bloody machine turn off by himself. The specialists said that I have to buy a new one. In the same time the net connection was broken due to the excessive rain. I’m using now the PC of my neighbor Alin.
6.05.2006 The weather is unstable. We have rain, winds and all you call bad weathe.The problem is that in the south of the country we have floods. Lot citizens lost their houses and all they have.
6:20 in the train. Arrived 7:30. Temperature about 6 C degrees. Sometime happen miracles: I have electricity. Now I can use my electric tools and visit my bee yard day and night and summer or winter.
First thing I mowed the grass and made some arrangement in the “house.” Little by little the weather warm up. Around midday I checked my hives. Looks OK. I decided: I will gather some acacia honey and after acacia flow (if any) I’ll make nucs.
By 8 o’clock PM a guy (about 35 years old) from next village on the way to the train station stop by and ask if I know somebody buying honey in bulk with better price. I said: no. We talk about bees. He gets on my nerves. Why? He do not pay attention to the new way of bee keeping, I mean, he is not interested in queens rearing, new methods to manage your bees and so on. All he wants is to get as much honey as he can. He said that that his grand father got a lot of honey doing this way. I think that he don’t accept the time change. It was an exhausting discution. It’s a way of doing beekeeping, I have to accept this.
1.05.2006 The first of May. international holiday celebrating labor and workers. 2 years ago Jorn Johanesson visited me. In the first of May we visited Capruta and we had a nice talk with an old beekeeper. Well, I was 2 years younger.
The bees on the balcony gather plenty of pollen from chestnut. The hive on the balcony gets stronger because of the new generation of bees. It’s a real nuc. Next week I’ll put the fourth frame (foundation).I think that it strong enough to draw for himself foundation.
28.04.2006 I took 2 days off and Thursday, Friday and Saturday I did spend on the bee yard in Capruta. I blanched the trees using lime.
24.04.2006 The temperature comes up to 25 Celsius degrees. The color of the hive on the balcony is intense red so a lot of heat inside the hive. The bees come out in front forming a beard (as you can see in the picture). I did stick Xerox paper around. Now everything is OK.
23.04.2006 Easter time. This is a day of joy but for a lot of people is a day of tears. The bloody Danube flooded the south of the country. Not only has the Danube been to be blamed but the administration too. It Saint George celebration. It’s my name day. But I did not have the mud to feast.

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