Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time to move

Funny things: till one week ago was raining even every day. In the north of the country floods, landfalls. Now for one week the temperatures are around 35, 37 Celsius degrees (98 F degrees).No winds.
Yes, it’s time to move to Capruta the hive from the balcony. The temperatures are too high for bees on the balcony. My experience with bees on the balcony tells me that I have to move the bees to my bee yard in Capruta. From one frame of bees and a queen now is a strong hive on 8 frames.I want to raise 2-3 queens from this queen. Three years ago I kept the bees on the balcony and due to high temperatures the combs start to melt and a lot of bees and capped was killed.
To protect the bees my Mom had the idea to put the umbrella on the hive. Looks funny. Tomorrow night I’ll go to Capruta with my hive.
Last week end when I visited my bee yard every things looked Ok. I had 3 unmated queens. Hope that this week they will mate.
To write this post took me 4 hours. Not because of my poor English but because of this bloody computer. But from next week Thanks of my friend Jorn I’ll have a brand new one. Thanks Jorn.

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