Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bad Weather

For 2 weeks we have bad weather in this area. This means that every day or at least 2 days we have rain here. What mean this? This means that the rain washes away acacia nectar flow. So, little acacia honey. After acacia is the turn of lime to get in bloom. It was
promising, but the rain had a strong come back .

Last week end I had only 2 hours Sunday to look to my bees. Recording played an important role. I had to check the queen cells. I was happy I saw the virgin in one nuc.There are 2 queens to emerge. I worried about the weather when the mating time comes. Hope for better. I want to write more but I have problems with the PC.
I have to visit my fiend he catches a swarm for me. A nice one. See you!

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