Monday, July 14, 2008

Killer or How to spend The Weekends

Arrived to my apiary wet (the temperature was about 32 degrees) but happy because I’m free for 3 days and I can work my bees.
Sunday morning I start working my second Alpine hive (or Warre). One day I’ll try to explain why I’m interested to this type of hive.

As you can see in the little film the first Alpine hive looks OK and hope that I’ll have a strong family next spring.

By noon on Sunday I did looking to my tomatoes. I did get mad when I did see a mole start big up just right in the middle of my tomatoes bad. The tomatoes are special for me because they are not Dutch they are old Romanian tomatoes and I want to make a lot of tomatoes for seeds. That bastard named mole start to dig and destroy. See the film what happened.

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