Monday, July 07, 2008

Work in Apiary

I’ll begin this post saying "Thanks Jorn". I did use calciumcarbid to get rid of that bastards named moles. At the beginning I was lucky but after 2 weeks they start make more hills about ~ 50 meters away. Well I’ll repeat the lethal calciumcarbid next week to see what happen.

On Wednesday as soon as I arrived to my beeyard I did start to clean up the apiary. A lot of work to do but at the end I make a big fire and burn the misery.
Saturday wake up by 7:30. Make preparation to move a small swarm in to warre(Alpine) hive. All my insistences let me down. Only two man help me David J. Heaf and Ilmārs B.. So at the moment I don’t know the management of Alpine hive but for sure I’ll find out before give up beekeeping. You can see my first step on Alpine hive.
Success George!

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