Monday, June 30, 2008

Toftman or Beekeeper

The little political situation in the beeyard named "Happy Apiary".Well, it's what I want to write ,it's a kind balance and do believe me I don't like to write a thing like this.Now, let's start.For me it's time to harvest. It's time to be happy. To be sincerely I'm not so happy. The average from 6 hive it's 12 kg/colony. I don't know that

it's a good average it's not but for me who visit in spring my beeyard for 10 times and I can't work my bees because of the weather only 4 time. Anyway I have honey for my and my friend and don't forget there are still honey flow: lime, and perhaps honey dew.I had 4 hive that swarmed in last month 3 of them become feral colonies and I cached one(using lemongrass oil paste).After the hives swarmed I had 4 new unmated queens. Now I have now 3 mated queens and one missing in action, I mean lost in mating flight.Only one thing make me a little bit happy : my fruit trees.

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