Monday, June 09, 2008

That’s it !

For quite some time I can not work properly my bees because of the weather ( not only). In the weekends the weather was rainy so I have to do all the work in hurry .
Friday 6/6/2008 . Arrived at 7;30 to my beeyard. The sky was full of black clouds. I did look to my hives(not opened). The first rain drops about 10 PM. I have to rethink my beeleeping.
Saturday 7/6/2008. I did wake up about 6 AM. The sky was cloudy . I had a cup of coffe. I hope and pray not to rain. I think how to work my bees in this situation. For the moment no chance. I did start to make lemongrass oil paste and you can see in the photos I did make it .

Around midday the sun did show up. First I did look to the hive with the new queen I did put in home made cage(you can see the film in my last post). The bees did release her and now it is on the comb. She is not matted. I hope she will mate next week. Looking to my Reduced Langsthroth (RL) as you can see in the photo. I did start using this type of hive from last year. I have 2 such hive. I’ll explain this type of hive and his benefits in my opinion. At this moment the RL is equal with 2 Dadant hive body. I’m afraid the family will swarm. Try to harvest 2 combs full of honey but it was impossible, the temperature come up only to 21 Celsius degrees. Perhaps tomorrow.
About 3 PM a big buzz in the apiary. It was a swarm coming out from my RL hive. I’m not really happy but for the moment I can not help. That’s it!

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