Sunday, July 27, 2008


A lot of why questions last week.
From Tuesday last week started the rain. As you probably know in the in the nord of our country there are floods and the bad thing human lives were killed. You’ll say" it’s the Nature" . No, it’s the Man. For 10 years the climate is changing and the future in my opinion does look good. But we keep going this way. It’s our choice.
Around here a lot of rain and storm. On Wednesday the storm brake down 2 hives. One of them lost their queen. I have to unite this hive because I don’t think that a good time to rear queens. No nectar is available in nature and the weather in not a good one for rearing queens.
Surprisingly the small hive Alpine was not tern down by the storm.
I did check half of my hives. I did mark the queens and clipped. I did feed a small nuc. I intended to winter this nuc(in Langstroth hive) using the experiment done by Canadian beekeeper Pedersen.
Why I’m doing all this?
As you can see in this little film the the queen in Alpine hive I clipped and marked the queen and for moment everything is OK.

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