Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First visit in 2006

To day-5 January I visited my bees.The temperature at 11 am was 9 degrees Celsius. I’m glad they look OK.I have put patties (I use to call them “cakes”) made by myself(honey+ dust suger+pollen) .
Well, I’m happy because my bees are OK.My hopes resurrect and so the plans for this year. I want to double the colonies. The snow gone but is cold and. Looking at this 2 pictures I realised how much I love summer. It will be here soon. But till then I have to do a lot.Repairing and fixing old supers,repairing and fixing old frames , old top and bottom boards or making some new tops and bottoms .Not plenty of time now......and only maybe until end of March or into April to get this done .

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