Friday, January 13, 2006

Spotting a queen

Half winter gone. We have only 3 month of winter and the spring will be here. What a Drone like me is doing this time?Try to repair his equipment for next season and reading beekeeping forum.
Beesource Forum one of the topic “Spotting a queen”.First of all I have to said that Michael Bush metaphor about queen moving is great:”The queen is moving she is listening to Schubert or Brahms.She move slowly and gracefully.It’s like she’s waltzing and the workers are doing the bossanova.”
About finding the queen (spotting) one of the greatest Romanian beekeeper L.C. Hristea wrote in his book “The Beekeeping” that the queen usualy stay during the night in the middle of the hive.In the morning she will be one the first or almost the second frame from the center. In the afternoon she will be on the last(or about) frame of the brood nest. I tested this few years ago and 6 out of 10 it worked. I made a drawing to try to explain this ( click to see).When you looking for your queen in your hive try to think to this . See you!

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Phang said...

Thank you for this advice! I will need to find and mark my queen soon and was completely confused about where to start. I also like what Michael Bush said, very poetic.