Saturday, January 28, 2006

Knocking to know what happen

Finishing with the technical problems concerning the blog(thanks to Toni Bee)let’s focusing on beekeeping. I’ve read in BeeSource Forum about checking the hives without opening them(in winter time).
Back in nineties –when I started beekeeping-I was teach to listen and understand how the bees winter,without opening the hives.If you do treat the bees properly before going to the winter the two things you have to looking after:food and queen.
Here is how the system work.All you need is a plastic(or robber) hose. It’s better if you have a stethoscope.(sound like surgeon job ). Now pick up one hive(you think that something wrong is going on),put the robber hose in to hive entrance and knock on the hive body(only once). You’ll get a lot of answers:
1.A short,intensive buzz tells you that the bees wintered OK there are no problems with food and the queen.
2. The very feeble buzz similar to the rustle of a dry leaf tell you that the bees have no food.
3.The prolonged buzz,spotty in intensity and weeping show that the queen is not in hive(is dead).
You can try this system(cost you nothing).I use this and works. Please try it.

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