Tuesday, January 10, 2006

George is writing

Hi All,
My name is George Tamas,I’m 53 years old and I live in Arad(some photos of my home town).Arad is situated in the west of Romania .
I start this blog to share information about bees and beekeeping and to tell to beekeeper all over the world that : there are beekeepers here.
I started the beekeeping back in 1989 and for one year I kept 2 hives on the balcony.There were the time I learned a lot about bees. I came back from work and stayed on the balcony for hours to see the bees coming and going and read about bees and beekeeping.
In 1993 I had the chance to know John Phipps and his wonderful magazine “The Beekeepers Quarterly” and a lot of beekeepers and men involving in beekeeping industry like:Mathew J. Allan, Michelle,
Foucon, Jorn Johanesson,Jack Griffes,Jeremy Owen.
As happen in real life the things are not as we wish. Back in 1995 I was elected Trade Union leader and having problems with the company board I became unemployed.
Starting a new job I can’t have a proper care so from 63 colonies and now I have only 7 hive. I hope that this year to double the number.For the love of bees I did buy a terrain in the village Capruta- 62 km far Arad and I start learning to use PC.
Because is winter time and we do not have to work in apiary I’ll tell you more about me and romanian beekeeping.See you!

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